Our Environmental Promise

Helicorp provides all people, regardless of age and physical ability, the opportunity to experience New Zealand and our remote regions without leaving any lasting trace or requiring infrastructure such as roads or tracks.

Environmental Policy

  • Culture

    Helicorp maintains a culture of environmental awareness and a commitment to the principles of Responsible Tourism.

  • Neighbourly

    We pledge to operate in an environmentally friendly and good neighbourly manner at all times, respecting and being sensitive to the wishes and needs of others.

    Our pilots are trained to consider the impact movements that helicopters may have on the local environment and to always operate in accordance with the Fly Neighbourly Guide, taking into consideration how to reduce noise pollution when choosing their flight paths.

  • Low noise

    Helicorp operate modern helicopters with low-noise features.

  • Fuel usage

    We practice fuel efficiency within safety boundaries by monitoring engine warm-up time and operating times to refine fuel usage.

  • No smoking

    We adhere to a strictly no smoking policy on all flights and landings.

  • Enviro Aware

    Our heliport operates energy-saving light systems. Whenever possible we use non-toxic, natural and environmentally friendly products, and recycle waste.


In 2016 Helicorp gained a Qualmark Enviro Bronze Award and we are delighted to have recently been awarded a Silver Sustainable Tourism Business Award upon our annual re-evaluation by Qualmark.

We are continually working on raising our high standards of practices and the upgraded award status is a great result and acknowledgement of the ongoing improvements within our business.

Qualmark is an official endorsement awarded by Tourism New Zealand and is designed to identify professional and trustworthy operators to enable international and domestic visitors to book and buy tourist products and services with confidence.

Civil Aviation Authority

The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) make sure everyone involved in New Zealand aviation meets the legal standards set by the Minister of Transport.

Helicorp is regularly audited by the CAA and have been certificated Part 119/135.

Part 135 lays out the requirements a certificated Part 119 airline air operator, or a certificated general aviation air operator must meet to carry out helicopter and small aeroplane operations, using:

  • an aeroplane with a seating configuration of nine seats or less, excluding any required crew member seat; and a MCTOW of 5700 kg or less, except for a single engine aeroplane used for an air operation carrying a passenger under IFR
  • a helicopter.